Monday, September 22, 2008

Political links

I'm trying to take the high road and not spend much time on the Uber-liberal Daily Kos, but I have to thank them for pointing out this poster.

Other sites I can't stop visiting are:
538 -An excellent site on polls. Even better now that I can look at the electoral map without cringing.
Mudflats -a political blog from someone who follows Alaska politics
Comics Curmudgeon on Wonkette -fun with Editorial cartoons!
TPM and Huffington Post - also ultra-liberal, but I can't resist.
Wake-up -Dan's spot for ranting
I was also sucked into a massive post on Metafilter with 5000 comments and hundreds of links that went up the day of Palin's selection. I won't link to it, just cause it's taking a few minutes to load at this point. But it was an incredible time waster for about two weeks.

Plus, I'm tuned into XM's POTUS channel every day. Although they have a Republican strategist on every morning, and I sometimes have to attack the radio to turn it off. I try to hear their side, but there always comes a point when I can't stomach the lies/smears/contempt for my intelligence any longer.


Anonymous said...

Wait a minute...wait a minute...I am totally, completely in support of Obama, But please tell me how they have only one car. I find that hard to believe, sorry! With him having been in DC and her in Chicago I assume with the girls, that just does not seem feasible.

AllBeehive said...

Thanks for the links. I as well am addicted to the Huffington Post and numerous others. To the extent that I need a break from it. Might I also recommend following anamariecox on twitter. She is the original writer for the wonkette who got hired to blog for Time magazine. She always on the news covering the McCain campaign and she has a lot of great things to say.

painterjoy said...

Even if it is an exaggeration, it is an illustration of their different lifestyles and priorities.
Thank you too for the links, and I also have to stop watching all this stuff too. I don't need any more convincing. I just need to vote and defend the truth!